Love Food, Hate Waste

As the focus moves towards sustainability and the Circular Economy, GB Skips looks at the issue of reducing Food Waste with the Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

At GB Skip Hire and Waste Management, we are focused on domestic and commercial bulky waste. As such, we don't see a lot of food-waste go through our waste processing plants in East London. As part of our comitment to building Londons Circular Economy and moving towards a sustainable vision for the future we are happy highlight the Love Food Hate Waste campaign run by eco-charity WRAP.

Food Waste is a massive source of straight-to-landfill waste and an underused resource. WRAP the average UK household could save over £600 a year by reducing the amount of food waste produced.


UK Food Waste Infographic

The Love Food Hate Waste website is full of ideas for reducing the amount of food waste that a household can produce, and provides a wealth of information and money saving tips, from reciepies to storage solutions.

Of course, if you do you find yourself with large quantities of food waste to dispose of, GB Skips can help you find the right Waste Management solution for the transportation and processing of food waste, whether that is sending it to biomass fuel or industrial composting - give us a call on 020 7476 3050 or send us an email.