Resource London

Resource London is transforming the way London sees waste.

Resource London is a support programme for London waste authorities delivered in partnership by the London Waste and Recycling Board and WRAP, the UK’s resource efficiency body.

The aim of Resource London is to dramatically improve Londons waste management and recycling services, so that that by 2020

  • Londons local authorities recycle 50% of all collected waste
  • CO2 emissions performance standards are met
  • England achieves its 50% household waste recycling target

Designed to support and work with Londons 33 Local Authorities, Resource London will achieve its targets by

  • reducing the amount of waste being produced and increasing re-use
  • improving the recovery of materials from dry recycling
  • increasing the quality of dry recycling to improve income and service performance

As our enviable recycling statistics demonstrate, GB Waste Management has proven expertise in ensuring high yeilds from dry recycling (including glass, paper, plastics, wood, metals and other materials), sending less waste to landfill and ensuring large scale waste removal projects operate efficiently. Our two Waste Processing Centers at Hainault and Silvertown are both capable of ensuring over 80% of the materials we handle are recovered and not sent to landfill.

Together we can move recycling forward. Talk to GB Waste Management about waste management services for your home, business or area.

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