London Re-Use Network

GB Skips are committed to sustainability and growing the Circular Economy, here we look at the London Re-Use Network.

While GB Skips achieves an over 85% recycling rate on materials we recieve, when preparing for a refurbishment or redevelopment, you can lower the quantity of waste materials significantly by finding re-use for items, such as office furniture and washing machines that are still working or useable after repair.

Moving towards a Circular Economy in London means not only increasing the amount of materials that are recycled, but also substantially reducing the amount of waste produced. The London Re-Use Network is a collective of charities and social enterprises that have come together to re-direct items away from landfill and recycling and into a new life.

For businesses, the London Re-Use Network provide a detailed report on items collected, tonnage diverted, CO2 savings and social value created to help support your organisations Corporate Social Respncibility objectives.


How London Re-Use Network Works

London Re-use Network : How it works

Simply phone the London Re-Use Hotline on 020 3142 8506 to arrange a pick up, there is a charge for this, starting at around £20. The fees are used to run the service and  provide community training in repair and maintainance skills, making it a true community enterprise.

Once the reusable goods have been taken off-site, Hire a Skip with GB Skips to remove the other materials -  our 85% Recycling rate helping you secure a sustainable future for London. Call us on 020 7476 3050.