We recycle 80-85% of the waste we collect

When you leave waste in a skip or container for us, you want to be confident that as little of it goes to landfill as possible. Currently we recycle 80-85% of the waste we collect. We aim to increase this percentage year-on-year.

Here’s how we make that happen

  • We now have two purpose-built, fully licensed waste transfer stations in East London - Silverton and Ilford
  • We’ve invested in new machinery, for sorting, crushing and chipping waste.
  • We’ve trained our recycling team to the certificate of technical competence (CoTC) set by Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board (WAMITAB).
  • For our business and corporate customers, we issue waste reports itemising how much waste we collect and how much we recycle different materials. This helps you to reach your own standards for sustainability in your business.
MaterialArrives asWhat We Do With ItReused As
Paper Sacks of waste paper Pulp, compact Packaging
Cardboard Old cardboard boxes Pulp, compact, compress, bale Packaging
Glass Bottles, jars Remove lids and labels, crush and melt into cullet New glass products
Wood Furniture, pallets, window frames, sheds Treat and chip Biomass fuel,
fibreboard, sawdust
Hardcore Bricks, concrete, stone Crush Aggregates for new building materials
Metal Wire, fittings, left over materials, cans Bale and strip  New metals
Plasterboard Plasterboard Separate, crush New plasterboard
Textiles Curtains, clothing, sofa covers Shred, bale  
Plastics Garden furniture, toys, bottles Bale and compact  New plastics
Soil  Soil and inert material from digging foundations  Screen  Road base

Any remaining waste that goes to landfill is carefully recorded.